Elevate Your Glass Personalization Game with Angie Mendez: A Collaboration Unveiled

Elevate Your Glass Personalization Game with Angie Mendez: A Collaboration Unveiled

I am so excited to share our Simply Lettered Studio subscription box artist of the month! We partnered with Angie Mendez, the creative force behind Letter this Letter That is a live event artist and engraving workshop instructor based in Sonoma County, California.

Angie Mendez brings a wealth of expertise in the art of engraving and personalization, making her the ideal collaborator for this month's box. Together, we've curated a box filled with everything you need to get started on your glass personalization journey. Let's take a closer look at what's included:

Workbook and Practice Pages:

Start your journey with confidence using Angie's expertly crafted workbook and practice pages. These will guide you through the fundamentals of engraving, ensuring you're well-equipped to unleash your creativity onto glass surfaces.

Bud Vase:

Your canvas awaits in the form of a delicate bud vase. Its elegant silhouette provides the perfect backdrop for your personalized designs, whether you're crafting a heartfelt gift or adorning your own living space with bespoke artistry.

Sharpie Oil Fine Tip (White and Colored):

Precision meets vibrancy with these fine-tip Sharpie oil markers. Explore a spectrum of hues and effortlessly transfer your designs onto glass with ease.

Multisurface Paint Sample and Enamel Paint Sample:

Dive into the world of color with our carefully selected paint samples, formulated to adhere seamlessly to glass surfaces. Experiment with different textures and finishes to bring your vision to life.

Alcohol Wipes:

Prepare your canvas with precision using alcohol wipes, ensuring a clean and smooth surface for your creations to flourish.


For those seeking to refine their skills, vellum provides a translucent medium for practicing intricate designs before committing them to glass.

Exclusive Handmade Inks:

Unlock a world of possibilities with our exclusive range of handmade inks, curated to elevate your personalization projects to new heights.

But our collaboration doesn't end there. We've compiled a list of additional recommendations to further enhance your glass personalization experience:

  • Explore alternative engraving tools, handpicked by Angie Mendez herself, including her top picks for achieving flawless results.
  • Embrace engraving with specialized tools and resources, such as those recommended that Cheyenne, the Simply Lettered Founder uses! 


For those eager to delve deeper into the world of engraving, we've curated a selection of recommended tools and resources.

From nail drills (this one is recommended by Angie herself!) to expert-recommended engraving machines, (Cheyenne uses this one!) these links provide a starting point for your exploration.

Please remember to exercise caution and follow all safety guidelines when experimenting with engraving tools. Always wear protective gear, including safety glasses and masks, and ensure long hair is tied back to prevent accidents.

 With Angie Mendez as your guide and our curated selection of tools and resources at your fingertips, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination this month! You can order yours here

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