Exploring the Versatility of Vellum in Calligraphy

Exploring the Versatility of Vellum in Calligraphy

If you're like me, vellum is a beloved tool in your calligrapher's arsenal. It's not only ideal for practice but also adds an elegant touch to your finished pieces. The beauty of vellum is that it plays well with various writing instruments, including pencils, markers, ink, and even watercolors. So, when October's Simply Lettered box arrived, focused entirely on vellum, I couldn't wait to dive into a new project and share it with all of you.

1. Perfect for Practice and Beyond

One of the reasons I adore vellum is its suitability for both practice and creating exquisite final artworks. Whether you're perfecting your lettering skills or crafting a unique piece, vellum's smooth surface offers a delightful canvas for your creativity.

2. Pairs Perfectly with Graph Paper and Rhodia Dot Pad

While sketching your lettering designs, using graph paper or a Rhodia dot pad is a great idea. The grid and dots provide structure and guidelines, especially when you're working on intricate calligraphy. Vellum tracing paper comes to the rescue when you're ready to transfer your designs. Alternatively, heavy-duty vellum can be used to ink your lettering directly over your sketch, eliminating the need for a light pad.

3. The Art of the Deckled Edge

One of the unique characteristics of vellum is its ability to tear beautifully, leaving behind a charming deckled edge. You don't need any fancy tools to achieve this effect, although there are rulers available that can help you maintain a consistent deckled edge if that's your preference. It's a small but significant detail that can elevate the overall aesthetics of your calligraphy.

Here are some recommended supplies for your calligraphy journey:

  • Deckled Edge Ruler: Link
  • High-Quality Vellum Sheets: Link
  • Rhodia Dot Pad: Link
  • Graph Paper for Sketching: Link
  • Chiffon Ribbon: Link
  • Black Card Stock: Link
  • Calligraphy Inks and Supplies: Link
  • Watercolor Sets: Link

See Our Vellum Creations from October's Box

If you're curious to see what we've done with the vellum from October's Simply Lettered box, take a peek at our stunning place card photos. They demonstrate how vellum can add an elegant touch to your table settings and make your events even more special. You can also watch the tutorial here!


So, grab your vellum and get creative! You can also download our printable template, overlay them with vellum, and try it for yourself. The possibilities are endless, and I can't wait to see what you create.

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