Pointed Pen Calligraphy Subscritpion Box featuring Carla Battistone of Nurtured Soul Calligraphy

Pointed Pen Calligraphy Subscritpion Box featuring Carla Battistone of Nurtured Soul Calligraphy


This month, we are celebrating Carla Battistone of Nurtured Soul Calligraphy! 

Carla's is an incredibly trained calligrapher and engraver! Her love for beautiful lettering and intricate designs led her to pursue classical training. Whether you're looking for personalized wedding invitations, custom place cards, or unique event signage, Carla's artistic touch will transform your vision into a stunning reality!

You can commission her to create bespoke pieces in her studio, where she meticulously crafts each item to meet your specifications. But what truly sets Carla apart is her on-site artist services. Imagine having a calligraphy expert at your event, creating live art that captivates your guests. Carla's presence adds a unique and memorable dimension to any occasion. Learn more about her here!


Here's what you'll find inside:

  1. Vellum for Quotes and Precut Place Cards: Get creative with beautiful vellum for quotes and precut place cards. Affiliate Link

  2. Place Card Holders: Elevate your table settings with elegant place card holders. Affiliate Link

  3. Oblique Holder: Achieve precision and grace with a high-quality oblique holder. Affiliate Link

  4. Zebra G Nib: Experience smooth and controlled strokes with the Zebra G Nib. Affiliate Link

  5. Chiffon Ribbon: Add a touch of sophistication to your projects with chiffon ribbon. Affiliate Link

  6. Pinecone: Nature-inspired embellishments for your creations. Affiliate Link

  7. Wax Seals: Make a statement with elegant wax seals. Affiliate Link

  8. Baby’s Breath: Delicate and ethereal, perfect for accenting your pieces.

Bonus Gift: We have included a glass jar, a variety of nibs, and glow-in-the-dark ink to ignite your creative spark! Additionally, handmade inks in gold, bronze, olive gold, and rose gold will infuse your projects with a touch of luxury.

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