The Best White Pens for Crisp Writing on Black Paper

The Best White Pens for Crisp Writing on Black Paper

As someone who is obsessed with the classic black and white color scheme, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect white pen to use on black paper. Whether it's for hand lettering, calligraphy, or just making my notes pop - a good white pen is essential.


Over the years, I've tested so many different white gels, inks, and markers trying to find the ones that truly deliver. And let me tell you, not all white pens are created equal! Some are incredibly frustrating to use while others lay down beautifully smooth lines.

If you're looking for a new white pen for black paper, let me save you some trial and error. In my experience, two pens reign supreme: the Gelly Roll by Sakura and the Uniball Signo white gel pen.

The Gelly Roll is my overall top pick because it checks every box. The ink is extremely opaque and lays down buttery smooth lines with no skipping at all. You get brilliant, crisp coverage whether you're writing subtitles or filling in bold hand-lettered pieces. Plus, Gelly Rolls are affordable and available everywhere! 

My second favorite is the Uniball Signo - this one has possibly the most intensely opaque white ink I've ever used. The downside is that it can feel a tiny bit scratchy compared to the Gelly Roll and it's more prone to skipping. But if you want blindingly bright ink coverage, this is it.


A couple pens I wouldn't recommend are the Pitt Artist Pen (which laid down more faint eraser-like markings than ink) and the Cricut gel pens (super scratchy and unpleasant). Those were disappointing given how they're marketed for hand lettering.

For calligraphy work with a nib, my go-to white is Bleed Proof White. It shows up vibrantly on black paper and works beautifully with pointed pen holders.

So those are my top recommendations after tons of testing! But I'm always looking for new white pen finds to add to my arsenal. What are your favorite pens for white ink on black paper? Any gems I need to try? Let me know in the comments!

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