Tis the season for orange! 🎃

Tis the season for orange! 🎃

While its not a color we typically reach for as calligraphers, sometimes you just need a good orange. I’ve rounded up a few that I love!

Dr. Ph Martins India Ink- Available in the Shop! I love anything Dr. Ph Martins and the India Ink works beautifully on your pointed pens and your glass dip pens.

Vermillion Sumi Ink- For practice we typically grab the plain old black sumi ink for ease and affordability, but I was thrilled to know there is an orange sumi ink out there to add some color to your practice pages and can use it on a final piece as well. 

Ferris Wheel Press Hearty Harvet- New this year, it’s one you don’t want to miss stocking in your collection! A beautiful deep orange with an orange gold shimmer. FWP Inks were developed for use in fountain pens, but can be used also with your pointed pen nibs and glass dip pens. They do have a collection of calligraphy inks I stock here in the shop (link) or you can use this link here to save 10% on their site! 

Gouache and Watercolor- I never realized how important these were to have in your toolbox. If you can’t find the color of ink you need, you can always mix some gouache and watercolor to get the exact color you need.

A beautiful set if you want to splurge: here or here or even here! Othewise, any brand liquid watercolor and gouache can be mixed in an approximate 2:1 ratio to create a whole milk consistency for ink! 

So this fall season, grab some orange ink and get creative! 🎃🍁

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