Collaborations from around the globe with an amazing artist to bring a unique lesson to the subscription boxes and more. In addition, these artists offer freelance calligraphy, engraving, and illustration services locally and remotely. Contact an artist for your next class, event, or project.

  • Michelle Ramolete | Fresno, California

    Michelle is a live event artist from California's Central Valley. She travels to offer onsite calligraphy, freehand engraving, or bottle painting. She also does in-studio commission projects for customers locally and throughout the US. Always reaches for Sumi ink and Nikko G NIbs!

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  • Ammi Aldous | Davis County, Utah

    Ammi is a mom and artist. She accepts studio commissions and teaches classes throughout Utah. She enjoys modern calligraphy and iPad lettering! Always reaching for...

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  • Angie Mendez | Sonoma County, California

    Angie is an experiential events calligrapher currently based in Northern California. She performs live pyrography, engraving, and calligraphy at brand activations, corporate functions, and special events in and around Sonoma County. Angie also teaches in-person engraving workshops throughout the state. Always reaches for tachikawa g and vermillion sumi ink.

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  • Jen Bowen | Houston, Texas

    Jen Bowen is the calligrapher and owner of She Made It Like That based in Houston, TX. She specializes in perfume engraving at live events but also uses a variety of tools to write, paint, engrave, or heat foil calligraphy on practically any surface -- including macarons! Always reaches for

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  • Queena Hoang | Orange County, California

    Queena is a live event artist located in Orange County, California. Queena offers live event artistry as well as studio commissions. She is passionate about acrylic and can also supply your acrylic needs. Always reaches for

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  • Sophia Smith | Los Angeles, California

    Sophia is a watercolor artist and calligrapher specializing in painting guests at live events and curating unique brand activations. Sophia offers in studio projects as well. Always reaches for Pilot .5 led Pencil, Princeton Aqua Elite Bursh and Hunt Imperial Nib with Straight Holder.

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  • Carla Battistone | Toronto, Canada

    Carla is a professionally trained calligrapher serving the greater Toronto area. Passionate about classical calligraphy, she offers on site live calligraphy, engraving, painting and studio commissions. Always reaching for a Hunt22B and cup of tea before getting started.

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  • Purva Sodaye | Atlanta, Georgia

    Purva is a live event artist service the Georgia area. She also offers in studio commissions with calligraphy, engraving, foiling, and painting. Always reaches for...

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  • Michelle Roentgen | Germany

    Michi is a live event artist serving Germany. She also offers in studio services of calligraphy, engraving, foiling, embroidery.Always reaching for Liquitex and a Hunt 101!

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  • Cecy Torres | Clovis, California

    Cecy has developed a passion for personalized leather branding and other engraving commissions in the Clovis, CA area. Always reaching for a Hunt 101 and metallic inks!

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  • Hannah Holt | Las Vegas, Nevada

    Hannah lives in the heart of Las Vegas offering on site and studio services. She offers engraving, bottle painting, and calligraphy. Always reaching for Leonardt Principle and Dr. Ph Martin Bombay India Ink!

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  • Raquel Demorest | Seattle, Washington

    Raquel is a classicaly trained calligrapher offering on site and in studio services in the Seattle, Washington area. She offers live event artistry, studio commissions, pointed pen calligraphy, engraving, foiling, and bottle painting.Always reaching for a Hunt 101 and Ziller ink!

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  • Blanca Lewis | San Francisco, California

    Blanca is a calligrapher and engraver in the San Francisco area. She offers calligraphy, engraving, and bottle painting services both in studio and for live events.Always reaching for hunt 101 and Kuretake Sumi ink!

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  • Sugey Iribe | Los Angeles, California

    Sugey is a live event artist servicing the Los Angeles Area. She offers fashion illustration, calligraphy, and engraving.Always reaching for the Hiro Crown Nib and Dr. PH Martins Iridescent Inks.

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  • Cheyenne Tucker | Utah, Colorado, Beyond

    Cheyenne is the founder of Simply Lettered. She is a certified American Cursive instructor She offers in studio commissions, live event artistry, workshops and team building events throughout the globe. She specializes in calligraphy, engraving, leather and wood burning. Always reaches for a Leonardt Principal and Handmade Inks!

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