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What type of Cursive do you teach?

My cursive resources are based off of American Cursive by Michael Sull, a distinguished master penman. Resources are also taken from penmen of past such as Platt R. Spencer, Mary Champion and more. It will look like your Grandparents penmanship before modern methods took their place in the late 20th century.

When should I begin teaching my child cursive?

Typically students begin to show interest in second grade and traditionally begin formal instruction in third grade. Each child is different, but they do require the necessary muscle development for script writing, usually around 8 years old.

Do you offer private lessons?

I do! I offer in person workshops, teach at schools, and private one on one lessons. I offer instruction on American cursive, pointed pen calligraphy, and modern brush calligraphy.

Which subscription best suits me?

The Simply Lettered Box offers more modern lettering samples and pointed pen exemplars to study as well as hands on projects, someone who is likely confident in their penmanship already. The Cursive Connection is fit for all ages, supporting learning, improving and polishing their cursive penmanship.


Where do you ship to?

Shipping within the United States and internationally. International orders are responsible for all import charges and fees.

How long does shipping take?

Orders ship within 2-3 business days from our studio. Subscriptions are shipped according to the subscription box schedule.

How do I track my order?

An email is sent when your order is shipped with the tracking number. If you need additional assistance, please contact


How do I return an item?

Please return the unused items to our studio. Once they are received your order will be refunded accordingly. Subscription boxes are final sale, no returns.

How long does it take to process my return?

Once your item is received in the studio your order will be refunded accordingly within 2 business days.

Can I exchange for a different item?

Items of the same value may by exchanged. Subscription boxes are final sale.